Sen. Nagbe Frowns At “Political Crooks”

Sinoe County Senator, Joseph Nagbe, who lost the recent pro-temp election, has frowned at what he called “political crooks” in the Liberian Senate.

Giving special remarks yesterday at the Trinity United Methodist Church in New Kru Town where he worships, the senator said the election has given him another experience about the level of deceit, hypocrisy and dishonesty.

He explained that some of his colleagues during the process pledged support, only to find out that they were not sincere in what they had said after some of such people “ate and drank”, reassuring him of their support for his bid.

Regrettably, the defeated senator said the same people who pledged support were the same people who pledged support to others.

He described them as “political crooks” who can never be relied upon because they have no principles in life.

Senator Nagbe said one of such “political crooks” is one of the senators who has presidential bid, but pointed out that such a person would never ascend to the presidency of this county.

The senator who failed to name the particular senator, pointed out that the Liberian people would never elect such a “political crook” in the nation’s highest office.

Asked later whether he spoke with his rival Senator ArmahJallah, who won the poll, Senator Nagbe said both of them have spoken and expressed his willingness to work if called upon.