DOXX Bet Renews Commitment

One of the sports betting companies in the country, DOXX Bet has renewed its commitment to serving its many customers.

The consultant of the company noted that there have been attempts in recent time to discredit the ability and capacity of the company in serving its many valuable customers.

The consultant, contrary to recent reports, said there was no misunderstanding and that he company is reliable and liquid enough to take care of winners, noting that this might be the work of detractors because of the “quality services” being rendered by DOXX Bet.

He said the activities of the company speak for itself, but decided to recommit itself to assure its customers of what it stands for.

The consultant said it is the policy of the company to make payment within 14 days; notwithstanding, because of its capacity, it usually pays instantly.

Meanwhile, the consultant said the company would continue to remain a faithful, honest and serviceable one to its customers and at the same time meets its obligations with the government.