Nimba Citizens On The Alert…Following Ebola Outbreak In Neighboring Guinean Town

By Solomon T. Gaye

Residents of Nimba County are said to be on the alert following reports of the outbreak of Ebola in a Guinean town that borders Nimba County.

The alertness of the residents came after the County’s Medical Director, Dr. Bowah Collins, speaking on Radio RK FM in Ganta last Weekend, disclosed the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Lorla Town in the Republic of Guinea.

Dr. Bowah Collins told citizen in Nimba to be very careful especially those traveling to Lorla Town in Guinea to purchase local commodities. He said the Ebola virus has killed several people in Lorla near the Liberian border.

Lorla is a Guinean town near the Liberian border close to Yekepa in Nimba County which is about an hour’s drive from Yekepa.

Dr. Bowah Collins said the outbreak of this deadly Ebola virus in Lorla Guinea near the Yekepa is indeed worrisome and has therefore called on the people of Nimba County to continue to observe the preventive measures put in place.

He said a lady and a little girl died last year, December 2014 after contracting the virus from Guinea in Lorla and they entered Yekepa but the two victims later died at the ETU in Ganta.

Dr. Bowah Collins said since December 15. 2014 there has been no new report of Ebola-related cases in Nimba but said it is still soon to celebrate in Nimba.

Early September in 2014, Ebola killed more than 75 persons in Ganta while more than 1,000 people took refuge in nearby towns and villages in the county.