Fire Renders Over 60 Persons Homeless

Front Street was last Saturday night a scene of horror when six houses were gutted by fire rendering about 67 persons homeless and thousands of dollars worth of properties destroyed. Although nobody was killed in the fire outbreak, but the victims could be seen looking for a place to stay while others stood by only to see their belongings being destroyed by the fire.

According to eye witnesses most of the affected persons were women and children who now reside at the residence of the community leader, Mr. Ralph Jacobs.

According to some community dwellers, one person, a Fula national identified as Hassan Jalloh has been arrested in connection with the fire outbreak and is currently in the custody of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

A community dweller told the INQUIRER that Mr. Jalloh was brought into Liberia from Guinea and has been making an attempt to buy the piece of land upon which the burnt houses were located but in vain.

Madam Maima Kamara, a mother of four who and her family were also victimized by the fire said the Fula national had threatened many times to burn the houses because people in the area are refusing him the opportunity to rent or lease the area.

She said people saw Hassan Jalloh with a gallon of gas that night only to experience the fire incident in the morning hours of Saturday, February 7, 2015. “He has threatened to burn this area from time to time. Here we are with nowhere to take our children after all what we had have been burnt in the fire,” one elderly woman narrated.

Meanwhile the 67 victims of the fire incident are appealing to the Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS), the Inter-Committee of the Red Cross and the Government of Liberia as well as other philanthropist groupings to come to their aid as they have nowhere to reside, least to say food to eat.

The victims who are at the residents of Mr. Jacobs said since the fire incident he has been very kind to them but it is a known fact that he cannot cater to everybody’s concern.

Some market women who live in the area and were victimized by the fire hazard said they had just bought their children’s uniforms in preparations for the reopening of schools but all of their wares were destroyed by the fire. The fire victims can be reached at 0886756985/0886537069