NEC Prepares For R’cess By-Election

The Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission, (NEC) has issued a Writ of Election to the Senior Elections Magistrate to conduct a By-Election in District Number Two in Rivercess County on the 21st day of April, 2015.

Issuing the Writ of Election today at the Headquarters of the NEC, Chairman Jerome G. Korkoya said the writ was in line with Article 37 of the 1986 Liberian Constitution and that such Writ constitutes the legal and sufficient authority needed by the Senior Magistrate to conduct the By-Election in District number Two in Rivercess County.

Article 37 of the Liberian Constitution states that in the event of a vacancy in the Legislature caused by death, resignation, expulsion or otherwise, the presiding officer shall within 30 days notify the Elections Commission thereof; the Elections Commission shall not later than 90 days thereafter cause a By-Election to be held.

Chairman Korkoya in his mandate instructed the Clerk of Writs Antoinette B. Johnson to issue the Writ to the Election Magistrate to conduct a By-Election in district number two in Rivercess County and to certify to her the endorsement upon this mandate of Writ of Election at the close of the counting of votes as to the form and manner the mandate was executed.

Presenting the Writ to the Senior Election Magistrate of Rivercess County William B. Tompoe, the Clerk of Writs at the NEC Antoinette B. Johnson said, the Writ of Election is in keeping with a directive issued by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, through a mandate by the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the conduct of a By-Election in Rivercess County to fill the vacancy in the House by the election of Honorable Francis S. Paye to the Liberian Senate.

Madam Jonson told the Senior Election Magistrate Tompoe, that she has been mandated by the Board of Commissioners of NEC, through its Chairman Jerome G. Korkoya to issue the Writ which constitutes his legal and sufficient authority to conduct the 2l April 2015 By-Election in district number two, Rivercess County.

The NEC’S Clerk of Writs informed the Senior Magistrate that as part of his mandate, that the last day for the nomination of Candidates by duly registered Political Parties, Alliances, Coalitions and Independent Candidates shall end on the 7th day of March, A. D. at 5:0′ clock Post Meridian.

Meanwhile an eight-person elections assessment team, headed by Senior Election Official Ingenious Wesseh from the Headquarters of NEC left the capital today on a tree-day mission to assess the overall environment leading to the conduct of the April 21st, 2015 By-Election in District Number Two in Rivercess County.