Liberia Needs Vigorous Leadership…Says Sen. Jallah

Gbarpolu Senator Armah Zolu Jallah says Liberia needs vigorous leadership if it is to conquer the many vices that are impeding its development.

Senator Jallah said, “If we are to put human resources to work and give Liberians the chance to revive their economy and restore their prosperity, then we need vigorous leadership and understanding at all level, coupled with effective, workable program for action”.

Senator Jallah made this assertion when he was honored as ‘Legislator of the Year’ by a local pressure group saying by working toward building a strong economy, Liberians can build a brighter future for all of its people.

The Gbarpolu Senator who is also contesting for the President Pro-tempore position at the Liberian Senate believes that the country is ready to move forward but noted that the country’s problems which have been with the citizens for a long are serious.

He observed that Liberia has resources both natural and human but stressed that the skill, experience and determination of the people need to be harnessed.

“Our hard-hit iron ore industry and chronic unemployment and poverty, the problem of failing agriculture coupled with unfair competition, the deteriorating roads and health system are of old age,” Senator Jallah said. He said these are problems which leadership, vision and faith in the people can conquer.

Senator Jallah stressed that solution to most of these problems lie just at the middle of Executive and Legislative cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and tolerance for the work each government official are required to do for the people.