LIBA Boss On Corruption

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The president of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA) Dee-Maxwell S. Kemayah, has disclosed that corruption in any society is a “vampire” to the transformation of that country.

Mr. Kemayah said, the country has lots of carpenters but yet the country’s logs are being exported and when he was honored, he was reminded of the creativity and innovativeness of carpenters in the country and he believed when carpenters are empowered and provided the opportunity they will be able to compete with whatever furniture that are imported from abroad.

“We can record that about 2 years back the Government of Liberia (GOL) the Ministry of Finance now the Minister of Finance, Planning and Development, the government committed itself to using 25 percent of the provision of the budget that had to do with the procurement of furniture and to use that for the procurement of local furniture,” he asserted.

Mr. Kemayah added that to the best of his knowledge nothing really has been done in that regards that could contribute to the empowerment of Liberians or Liberians in businesses.

He stated that it is better not to give someone hope through lips service than to make pronouncements knowing the explication and at the end of the day as usual those same people come up with bundles of excuses and today carpenters have not been able to benefit from that gesture.

Mr. Kemayah urged the government through Minister Amara Konneh to hold on to that commitment that was made two years ago because when a government makes pronouncement and does not implement it, it then creates problem.

He said, “If the people you give leadership to begin not to build confidence in you because you cannot march your words with your deeds then the nation is not on the right path”.

Mr. Kemayah commended the government for coming to the realization that indeed corruption is a “vampire” to development and for LIBA while they welcome that admission but “lips service” is not enough.

“President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in January 2006 disclosed to the country and the world at large that corruption was her personal enemy number one and she was going to treat it as such in her government,” he intimated.

Mr. Kemayah concluded by calling on the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) to be vigilant.