“Improve Safety Measure For Concessionaire Workers”… Findley Urges; Visits LAC Explosion Bereaved Families

Former President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Gbehzohngar M. Findley, has stressed the need for an improved safety measure for employees at all concessionaire areas across the country so as to give assurance to plantation workers while performing their duties.

Mr. Findley spoke over the weekend when he paid a courtesy visit to bereaved family members of the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) recent industrial disaster where six persons have been confirm dead.

Mr. Findley who said that he was deeply troubled when the news firstly broke out about the chemical explosion in LAC, quickly noted that the setting-up of an advanced safety mechanism for workers in concessionaire areas will help to address some of the growing fears at job place as well as prevent the reoccurrence of such accident.

The Grand Bassa stalwart maintained that the safety of employees in concessionaire areas should not be treated lightly as it would project a better picture for an enabling working environment for the people while they would be assured of care when performing their duties at their places of work.

The Pro-tempore emeritus who had also gone to sympathize with the victims’ families, expressed regret over the incident and acknowledged how painful it is when a family lost its bread-winner (father). He encouraged residents of the district to pray along with the bereaved families as they go through what he referred to as their toughest time in Life.

Mr. Findley told the people of Gorblee District that he remains a loyal servant to them and will not hesitate in responding to the needs of the people. The Bassa stalwart on the other hand said that his doors remain open to the people of Grand Bassa County adding that whosoever will need his assistance should call upon him without hesitation.

“The news really touched me, but I could not appear physically because I was out of the country. Immediately upon my return, I decided to visit my people. Besides being a former senator of this county, I am a prominent son of the soul, and you, my people, have always been close to my heart. I am deeply sorry for the incident.” Mr. Findley added.

“We also interested in knowing the outcome of the investigation.” Mr. Findley beseeched the Ministry of Labor, Internal Affairs, the LAC management and the LAC Workers’ Union to work together in ensuring that affected employees get indispensable attention ranging from medical to job injury benefits that are duly required; stressing that by so doing it would tackle the increased fright about the lack of interest in the wellbeing of the affected employees.

At the same time, Mr. Findley presented a purse of L$60,000 Liberian Dollars intended for the six bereaved families. According to him, said amount will assist the bereave families purchase food items during their period of mourning.

The bereaved Family members attending the brief ceremony held in Gorblee District expressed gratitude to a man they referred to as “our son.” They considered the incident as very unfortunate stressing that they are hopeful that an investigation can be conducted sooner in order to establish the root cause of the problem.

Mr. Abel Nyabol, District Superintendent of Gorblee District, on behalf of the people of Gorblee lauded the former Senate Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate for the concern he has shown, indicating that his visit is highly appreciated.

“We welcome your visit former Senator Findley. The bereave family will truly remember this gesture and they are looking forward to more as they are in the most critical need of life,” Mr. Nyabol added.