Church Is Prepared To “Kill” Corrupt Vampires…Episcopal Bishop Asserts At Johnnie Lewis’s Funeral

The head of the Episcopal Church in Liberia, Bishop Dr. Jonathan B. B. Hart, says the Church is prepared to use their wooden cross to pierce the hearts of the vampire of corruption and expose them to sunlight and fire for that is the only thing that can kill a vampire.

Bishop Hart said, “You vampire of corruption, we are tired suffering and talking and if the LACC and courts cannot stop you, the Church is prepared.

Delivering the funeral discourse over the remains of the late former Chief Justice of Liberia, Johnnie N. Lewis, Bishop Hart said,“ I can recall once in the print media during his birthday when a longtime friend decided to present Cllr. Lewis a gift of booze (12-year old Dewar’s whisky) and his friend was jailed because brother Lewis though it was a bribe”.

Bishop Hart wondered how many Johnnies we will have in Liberia because Bro. Lewis stood tall and firm on issues that concerned the welfare of the State.

“We all are old enough to remember the old lot used by the Liberian National Police. As a property Lawyer, Cllr. Lewis found the Deed for the Government land up Capitol Hill and proved that the piece of property was for the Judiciary and when the Police could not disprove it, he built what we now know as a new Annex to the Temple of Justice Complex,” Bishop Hart told the congregation.

The Episcopal cleric said when God puts us in positions of trust He expects us to be firm in making and implementing decisions because sometimes a few of our friends may get hurt by those decisions and actions.

With supporting text from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-15, using the theme, “Time Is Up”, Bishop Hart said “time is everything. You probably heard this saying before. Time is everything. Time is essential when dealing with people. For the business people, we hear them say “Time na money! Time is money”. Timing is important in finance and investment, when you sell and how you invest determines whether you will lose or gain.”

Bishop Hart said no one dies before his or her time and Bro. Lewis was born in 1946 and died on January 21, 2015.

Rev. Dr. Hart said God has an eternal plan that includes the purposes and activities of every person on earth. “William Shakespeare, an acclaimed author, wrote that life is a stage and we all are actors. We come on stage, play our parts and then exit. This also applies to all of us public servants! Government officials whether we are appointed by the President or elected by the people, we are only there for an appointed time,” Bishop Hart said.

“It is not our farm or private property. We are to use our positions to serve God’s people and not to mistreat and overlook them. Instead of being the servants, we become small gods. Those positions are not meant for eternity. It was time for Ebola to enter our country and so will Ebola be packed out of Liberia in Jesus Name,” Bishop Hart said.

“Remember before we assume any position, we had predecessors therefore we are also holding on for somebody and one day our time will be over. Be careful not to be out of God’s will and miss His timing and purpose for our lives,” the Bishop said.

Bishop Hart further said, “God sets the boundaries and times of the seasons and they come and go so quickly. Timing is everything so if you were like a vampire of corruption stop being one now; time is running out.”

Bishop Hart said Jonnie Lewis has answered to his name on the roll called up yonder, as Bob Marley wrote in one of his music “Johnnie was a good man;”

The Episcopal Cleric said the former Chief Justice served his Church (The Episcopal Church of Liberia) and his nation with dedication and commitment in the diligence of duty. “He was a man with an impeccable character. He brought pride and dignity to the Supreme Court yea the Judiciary as Chief Justice. He was a no nonsense man because it is no secret that he remained tall on issues that concerned the welfare of the state. It was time and the Giver of life has called our brother and former Chief Justice from labor to reward,” the cleric said.

The official Government of Liberia’s Gazette published by authority described the late Chief Justice Jonnie Lewis as a patriot, administrator, educator, author, humanitarian, an astute lawyer; sexagenarian, disciplinarian, an eminent statesman; Devout Christian and dedicated public servant.

The late former Chief Justice Jonnie N. Lewis died on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 6:10 p.m. at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

The late Chief Justice Jonnie N. Lewis was born in Greenville City, Sinoe County, on April 16, 1946 unto the blessed union of Judge Roderick N. Lewis, Sr., and Mary Elizabeth Houston Lewis, an educator. His parents predeceased him. He was the first of six siblings.