Rep. Acarous Gray Dismisses Corruption Claims

Montserrado County Electoral District # 8 Representative Moses Acarous Gray has dismissed allegations being made by a group of citizens that he chopped over LD$ 300, 000 raised during the launch of the district anti-Ebola task force. Representative Gray in a statement released on Tuesday said he will make a comprehensive report on the expenditure of funds realized, during the launch of the District anti Ebola taskforce.

“But I can’t report to hired thugs. I will make a report to the communities’ leadership. When all of those who benefited from the fund make their reports available to me,” Rep. Gray said.

The Montserrado County lawmaker said he never took a dime from the Ebola fund, as is being alleged by people, who according to him are being push by hidden hands.

“These are political times; so in politic sometime when others are drowning they hang on the least straw for survival. And I can understand that. The first thing first, I want to be on record to be very clear that I no time no point in time took a dime from any Ebola funding,” Rep. Gray noted.

He admitted that about L$500,000 was realized in pledges and contributions when he launched the district anti-Ebola taskforce, which was copied by several other districts.

Portion of the money, Representative Gray said was used to compensate 69 volunteers selected from the 23 communities in the district.

The volunteers, selection according to Representative Gray was done at the end of three meetings held with chairpersons of the various communities.

He noted that the volunteers were involved in contact tracing and other Ebola related matters, because the district was one of the badly hit communities in Montserrado County.

Rep. Gray indicated that the community chairpersons also established themselves by selecting a five-man leadership, noting that the chairman of the Ebola Taskforce was the head of Soniwein Community.

The Montserrado County lawmaker disclosed that the community chairpersons were also provided token for volunteering.

He explained that the taskforce distributed purchased and distributed anti- Ebola materials to clinics, homes, to Rally time market and other markets in the district.

He indicated that food items and cash were also provided to individuals who were quarantined in their homes.

Representative Gray also disclosed that LD$ 15, 000 and rice were also provided to one Junior Karney, the chairman of the Rockspring valley, one of those who signed the purported document.

According to him, US$ 800 was also provided one ChaterDweh, another signature to document for the printing of anti-Ebola t-shirts, while banners and other awareness messages were printed.

He added that portion of the money was also used to hired vehicles, purchase gas and rent musical set used in spreading anti-Ebola messages.

Regarding while the money was deposited in his account and not the district account, Representative Gray said District 8, like the other 73 electoral districts do not have account.

He noted that there was no law breach to deposit the money in his account, because district 8 is not a registered cooperate entity.

Speaking on the purported letter written to Speaker Alex Tyler, Rep. Gray said Speaker Tyler lacks authority to compel him to make report to his district, noting the speaker need to also make report to his district because he was on the National Ebola Task force.