CNDRA Launches Digital Marriage Transaction Software

By Lincoln Barcon

The Center for National Documents and Records Agency yesterday officially launched its customer service and marriage transaction software to enable management to digitalize current and previous marriage records and other legal instruments.

The Director General, P. BlohSayeh, making official remarks said the customer service and marriage transaction software system is a new strives to improve the quality of service and efficiency at CNDRA.

“It is important to note that this software has been purchased locally from a Liberian ICT institution called Soft Solution & Systems,” Madam Sayeh stated.

According to Madam Sayeh the introduction of this software is in line with the ongoing reforms by the Government of Liberia at CNDRA.

Speaking further, the Director General of CNDRA said the software will enhance customer service transactions by making customer service officers more efficient in improving the time of service delivery and enhance proper data management.

“This software will improve the quality and security of our product; especially marriage certificates; this will bring us on par internationally with other countries in the area of service,” the Director explained.

Madam Sayeh added further that the software will prevent unauthorized individuals from using the system or products criminally.

The Director General stated further that aligned with financial measures, the software will increase the Government of Liberia’s revenue intake that has been on the increase over the past years.

Also speaking at the launch, the producer of the software, Mr. David Colliee of Soft Solution and Systems, extended gratitude to the management of CNDRA for using a Liberian base software institution to set up a proper record keeping system.