Keep Surveillance On Ebola Contacts

ON MONDAY OF this week, the Assistant Minister for Preventive Services at the Ministry of Health, Tolbert Nyenswah, alarmed that the continuous escape of people considered possible Ebola contacts poses a serious threat to the ongoing fight against the virus in the country.

NYENSWAH, SPEAKING at the Ministry of Information regular Ebola press briefing said though the cases of Ebola have dropped by 92 percent, there is still a need for people to adhere to the necessary preventive measures given by the Ministry of Health and it partners. He called on contact persons to remain at a particular place for twenty-one days until they are announced free by the Health Ministry.

EXPLAINING FURTHER, MINISTER Nyenswah said if one is a contact it is prudent enough for that person to stay at home for the period of twenty-one days in order to avoid physical contact with others in case they come down with the virus. Nyenswah who is also the Ebola Incident Management head said this is healthy for the rest of the family and friends and the country.

THE ASSISTANT MINISTER for Preventive Services noted that contacts from the newly Ebola outbreak in the St. Paul Bridge community have been escaping and denying that they might be carriers of the virus something he described as troubling and has the propensity to obstruct the ongoing fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

NYENSWAH ALSO informed Liberians that there are currently fifteen confirmed Ebola cases in the country particularly in Montserrado County as of January 12-Febaury 1, 2015 a situation he referred to as disheartening. He noted that out of the fifteen confirmed cases, five was recently reported within seven days.He disclosed that Grand Cape Mount County continues to do well noting that they have gone eighteen days without any new Ebola case been reported something he said is welcoming in the fight against the virus.

WE JOIN THE Assistant Minister in acknowledging that for someone who comes in contact with Ebola patients is tantamount to that person spreading the virus to others who do not know from hence they come. It is now obligatory upon all to ensure that when one is confirmed of being infected with the virus those with whom they have contact are exposed for the good of the larger society. It is about time that Liberia graduates from this Ebola virus and to achieve the required collective efforts with alacrity.

LET’S STRENGTHEN SURVEILLANCE on these escapees who have had contacts with confirmed Ebola patients because failure to do so will lead Liberia to descending again into the abyss of Ebola that we are frantically combating. People within the various communities must be careful in allowing strangers into the communities even though they could be our relatives.

LET’S STOP THE movement from place to place because if we are not thoughtful to do this we will again experience an upsurge of this cancerous virus which has victimized thousands of our citizens.