By Jefferson D. Tweh

Some Liberian students who studied in Kenya in fulfillment of the GAC Strategic Plan of 2009 Goal #2.1 for a motivated qualified man power to develop a professional cadre of staff at the General Auditing Commission (GAC), over the weekend held a welcome program at the Julian A. Marshall Memorial Farm in Central Virginia for members of the African Union (AU) Kenyan delegation to Liberia.

Giving a brief history of the Kenyan 33 aka “Kabeteans” Mr. Milton B.M. Varmah, Sr. who is a member of the K-33 said the GAC facilitated the enrolment of its staffers   into graduate and post graduate programs and cooperated with other SAILs like the USA General Accountability Office, the Kenya National Audit Office, and the Indian Audit Office, the Swedish Audit Office and that of China for fellowship training programs.

Mr. Varmah further stated that the institution yearned to achieve these goals and objectives enshrined through strategic plans, scout prestigious world-class institutions became a top priority for the head of the General Auditing Commission, John S. Morlu, II. He added that the effort was to commensurate numerous certifications as auditors and senior staff of the institution had undergone.

He explained that the composition and configuration of k-33 group demonstrated a glaring plurality based on performance and dedication to duty, and after a thorough vigorous and conscientious search for high quality institution, the University of Nairobi, Republic of Kenya, was selected as the final destination for GAC senior staffers to obtain masters degree in distinct areas of interest as per requirement of the GAC as an audit centric institution.

According to Mr. Varmah, Mr. Daniel Kiarie, University of Nairobi Director for international Link on the morning of January 30, 2011 received GAC delegation at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at about 3:30am, GMT and 5:30 a.m. upon their arrival in Kenya and were taken to the University of Nairobi’s Campus which was characterized with renewed vigor and expectations Varmah lamented.

“Assumingly, one would have suggested that this team would never have made it given the level of intimidations in the appearance of professors and lecturers, but the team remained resolute and was focused on the learning aspect at the University; the first Continued Assessment Test (CA T) in marketing management under Dr. Raymond Musioka revealed to the team that the challenges were enormous and after the test, every member of the team took on a daily routine of visiting the library during and after classes,” Mr. Varmah averred.

Raining praises on the K-33, Mr. Varmah said the team reverted to a regular group studies, adding that after the completion of course work, which qualified everyone to proceed to the next level of writing the graduate project, the team again successfully participated in the writing to the project and each member of the team was qualified for graduation.

Also speaking at the program the Kenyan team leader for the AU Support to the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Dr. ShikaugaOtipo praised the K-33 class for organizing such program for his delegation in Liberia.   He said his team has come to Liberia to help fight the deadly Ebola virus that is claiming the lives many people in the country.

He disclosed that his team will spend six months in Liberia to help fight the disease and lauded the K-33 for the special recognition given to his team in Liberia.