Man Loses Nine Teeth…In Fracas With Ex-Lover’s Boyfriend

By Edwin G. Wandah

Last week Tuesday was an awful spectacle when an ex-girlfriend wounded her ex-boyfriend on the face, leaving him unconscious with nine of his dentition removed as he received several stitches in the aftermath.   Augustine T. Patmore, alias, Tito, told the INQUIRER last Saturday that he bled profusely and lost nine teeth when his ex-girlfriend identified as Cecelia Gayflor, alias, BorkorBorkor pushed him on a rock where he sustained the injury in his mouth.

According to Tito, last week Tuesday, January 27th 2015, when he came from the club, (not mentioned), he encountered Cecleia, whom he has not seen for a very long time but had also come from clubbing; he said, she immediately invited him to her house but he refused on the basis that they were not in relationship anymore, so he never wanted to visit her.

Tito further stated that Cecelia insisted, so he decided to go with her, but their arrival soon turned out to be aggressive rather than being cordial. According to Tito, “Cecelia had her boyfriend planted in her house who started pelting insults at me and assaulting me also.”

Through their arguments resulting to heavy noise, some neighbors went to the scene but later, the arguments subsided and the victim decided to return home since he lives in central Monrovia, at least closer to his ex-girlfriend, Cecelia who also lives opposite the Episcopal Church where the incident occurred.

“I decided to urinate when I took few steps from Cecelia’s house, and at my back, I felt a heavy pound from Cecelia Gaylord’s hand. She immediately pushed me on the rocks, and retired to her house, leaving me unconscious,” Tito narrated.

Some of the neighbors who were at a distance rushed on the scene and aided me; they took me to the John F. Kennedy Hospital where I received several stitches after losing nine of my teeth in the process.

The fiancé of the victim is calling on the Government of Liberia through the Liberia National Police-LNP to protect her and her boyfriend. The fiancé of the victim, (name withheld) said since the incident, a strange GSM number has been calling her and threatening to get at her and her boyfriend in whatever way.

Meanwhile, victim Tito has extended thanks and appreciation to Representative Solomon George for his consistent assistance to him during his illness period. Tito explained that Representative George has been with him from the onset of his accident to present, standing in the gap as a parent and not just a lawmaker.