Abba’s Haven Distributes Equipment To Hosps.

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

A non-governmental organization, “Abba’s Haven INC”, over the week began its distribution of assorted medical equipment to several hospitals and clinics that cannot meet some bigger interventions.

The General Overseer of Abba’s Haven, Pastor Comfort Baker, said during the height of the deadly Ebola crisis in the country she thought about getting donors to assist all those places she has worked and to also assist others.

Pastor Baker said, “We are very much grateful to have it done even though it is little but it will make great impact in the campaign to making our country an Ebola-free zone”.

Also making remark at the distribution ceremony, Prof T. DebeySayndee said the government must keep her eyes open everywhere not only on those populated areas.

“Ebola did not just kill us; it contributed a lot to our country; it helped strengthen us because if Ebola had not come we couldn’t have known where and what are our weaknesses,” Prof. Sayndee stated.

He said their distribution is only for places that are not getting support through those big interventions. Prof. Sayndee concluded that Ebola messages and awareness must continue in the country until there are no new cases in the country and its surrounding that are affected too.