Police Ends Internal Retreat

The Liberia National Police (LNP) last week ended a three-day internal retreat to review the mondus operandi of the force as UNMIL pans to drawdown next year. It was held under the theme: “To build on our tradition of service and become a showcase law enforcement agency in West Africa”

During the exercise, attended by partners of the force, participants identified many problems facing the police and recommended ways and means to improve the situation.

The participants observed that the police is emerging to achieve this vision to serve Liberia and that it still needs improvements to protect the law and order in the country. Core values such as trust, integrity, loyalty to the service and respect of human rights should be upheld and promoted.

It was also emphasized that the duty manual should be reviewed. LNP promotion policy to be reviewed, the political appointments and political interventions have hampered the system.

The inadequate remuneration has affected the integrity of the LNP. It was also noted that the PSD has to be decentralized ensuring effective performances of LNP to eradicate the bribery and corruption.

The retreat also observed that public confidence on the LNP is low. And that adequate infrastructure and resources for the LNP have to be improved to strengthen community oriented policing.

Furthermore, it was observed that the coordination between the Judiciary and other governmental departments should be enhanced through MoUs and that existing MoU between the prosecutors and LNP is not effective.

It was said that organizational structure and the policy documents such as SOPs have to be reviewed and that Job description for each section and individual has to be defined.

“There is a dire need of a tangible working plan for the improvement of organizational effectiveness and efficiency.