Conduct Prudent Health Inspections On Campuses

THE GOVERNMENT OF Liberia (GOL) through the Minister of Information, Mr. Lewis Brown, has disclosed that it is deploying ‘Health Workers’ on every school campus in the Republic to ensure that every school meet up with the preventive measures put in place to totally defeat the deadly Ebola virus that had ravaged the country during the past seven months. Minister Brown further disclosed that the government was in agreement with citizens’ appeal that the opening of schools be extended to enable parents better prepared financially and afford ‘Health workers’ the opportunity to take the requisite preventive measures on school campuses that will curtail the spread of Ebola.

MINISTER BROWN, IN an exclusive interview relative to the reopening of schools said all schools in Liberia should be in compliance with the measures that were put in place by the Ministry of Health and as such health authorities will ensure that Ebola preventive measures materials be deploy on all school campuses to prevent Ebola and stop the further spread of the virus among students as schools are about to reopen. The government’s spokesman said the Government of Liberia (GOL) has extended the reopening of schools from February 2, to Friday, February 13, 2015 to give more time for the preparation of school facilities.

THE MINISTER’S PRONOUNCEMENT came after weeks of appeals from the public especially parents and school administrators expressing concern about the abrupt announcement about the reopening of schools. Subsequently, the numerous appeals to government to put things in place and better prepare schools for reopening was also followed by a recommendation from the National Legislature that school activities should resume operation on March 2, 2015. The parents and school administrators’ appeals were based on the fact that they are suffering from financial difficulties and thus urged for an extension of the opening of schools from February 2 to March 2, 2015. Others said it was necessary to extend the process because more schools are yet to meet with measures prescribed by health authorities in a bid to repel Ebola from campuses.

MINISTER LEWIS G. BROWN yesterday confirmed that educational authorities have agreed to extend the process to February 13 and stated further that the fundamental thing is to continue the process of orientation, registration and training of teachers. The Information Minister also said the extension is being put in place to ensure that proper measures are put in place aimed at continuing the fight against the Ebola virus on campuses. Minister Brown disclosed that already the Catholic Schools are ahead of others in the achievement of these processes.

HE STRESSED THAT it is important that proper methods be put in place to make the various campuses safe for children coming from different homes to school as the country continues the fight against Ebola.

WITH THIS DEVELOPMENT, we hope that as government extends the reopening of schools that were shut down due to the deadly Ebola virus, health authorities would work with school administrators to ensure that every child entering a learning center will be free from infection as a result of Ebola. Since these students are coming from different backgrounds and homes, school administrators, Parents Teachers Associations (PTA), the various communities in which these schools are located should all put hands on deck to ensure that all will be well at schools for Liberia’s future leaders. Nothing should be done through the backdoor but through the front door at every school to make sure that Ebola be of no problem on campuses because if our future leaders must be sound to acquire tangible education their health and the health of all should be of serious concern.

THE HEALTH INSPECTORS should be charged with the responsibility of making sound decisions by certifying that before schools reopen everything must be in place for a sound healthy environment and a conducive learning atmosphere because if we are not careful and take experts’ advice, we will undoubtedly be vulnerable to another upsurge of the virus that is already on the decline. Let’s make sure that the health inspectors reach all school campuses including that of the Catholic schools within the two weeks’ period because anything to the contrary, Liberia could return to something more catastrophic than the deadly and regrettable Ebola days we experienced. Let’s be meticulous in putting in place the requisite preventive measures without delay or else!