In his Annual Message on the State of the People, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, Internationally Renowned Economist and Committed Politician of the Year, has declared that the State of the People in Liberia is still poor. For several years now, while the President of Liberia delivers the State of the Nation Annual Message, Dr. Tipoteh delivers the State of the People Annual Message. Dr. Tipoteh delivered his 2014 Message in the Fiama Community, but this year he gave his Message through an anti-Ebola environment, involving no crowds so as not to promote touching which can lead to the spread of Ebola.

In his Message, sent through the Media, Dr. Tipoteh said that the best way to make progress in Liberia, or any country for that matter, is to pay main attention to the living conditions of the people. Dr. Tipoteh said that the nationally and internationally accepted standard of measurement of the living condition of the people is what is called the Poverty Line, where a person is poor if he or she lives on less than one United States dollar a day.

According to this Poverty Line Standard, the Liberian people are nearly at the bottom of the poor of the world, ranking 156 out of 159 countries ranked by the United Nations. Then the World Bank says that the Liberian people are the second poorest people in Africa.

In her 2015 Annual Message, Dr. Tipoteh said that the President did her usual wrong thing by focusing on the growth of the economy to try to show that Liberia is making progress. According to Dr. Tipoteh, it is an established fact that when any economy grows, it does not mean that the living standard of the people is growing. In fact, Dr. Tipoteh reminded Liberians that when Liberia had the highest economic growth rate per person in the world, during the 1950s, the masses of the Liberian people were getting poorer. Dr. Tipoteh went on to say that the failure of the Liberian government to accept this clear fact led to the Civil War because those who brought the War used the mass poverty situation as their main reason for bringing the

War. Dr. Tipoteh pointed out that it is too sad that in this late day, the government that talks about not repeating the mistakes of the past and even spends a lot of taxpayer’s money on telling the Liberian people that the lives of the people are getting better is making the same mistakes of the past. Such misuse of taxpayers’ money is in itself CORRUPTION.

More than ever before, the people of Liberia must not be given the impression that the leadership that does not repeat the mistakes of the past does not exist and that there is no way for Liberia to get better, insisted that Dr. Tipoteh. As for his part, Dr. Tipoteh said that he will step up his efforts to show Liberians and the world that there is leadership in Liberia that can make things better and that leadership will get elected peacefully as soon the National Elections Commission (NEC) is cleared of people who engage in illegal acts such as wrong ballot papers and who allow non-Liberians to be candidates and voters.

A clear show of the fraudulent acts of NEC is seen in the use of the wrong surname (last name) of the President in the 2011 Elections which were called fair elections. The surname of the President is Sirleaf and not Johnson-Sirleaf, as was deliberately and illegally used in the 2011 elections. Some Liberians, including Dr. Tipoteh, brought this illegality to the attention of the public and to NEC, but the elections went on anyway and were declared FAIR by the so-called

observers. Finally, Dr. Tipoteh indicated that unfair elections can lead to violence and this is why he is not resting to stop this illegality so that Liberian will not experience any more violence that could lead to another Civil War.

Signed: Robert Cummings

Media Affairs Officer