NOVAFONE Launches Best GSM Bundles Ever In Liberia

The best GSM Company in Liberia in 2014 – has launched its recent products and services which has been described by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) as the best GSM package ever to be introduced in Liberia.

“I have been at the LTA for some time and this is the first time we have seen one of the institutions that we regulate come up with a variety of products that are customer oriented,” LTA Commissioner Harry Benson.

Speaking at the launching program Novafone’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. BechirKhoury said, “When we started Novafone in Liberia, our promise to the Liberian people was that we were going provide best and most affordable GSM services in Liberia and since then that is what we have been doing. Today is another landmark day in fulfillment of that promise as we launch our new product today.”

Unveiling the new NOVAFONE product which was launched by LTA Commissioner ­­Harry Benson, Novafone’s vice president for operations, Mr. Abdullah Kamara, said “This is the 2015 Wake up to Reality where you the customer can choose, everything is flat, you get to know what you will get before you pay and you scratch just once in 30 days.”

Mr. Kamara explained that the 2015 Wake-up was designed to meet the ultimate needs of every Liberian irrespective of social and financial status.

Kamara: “We have packages for everybody. We have offers for marketers, pem-pem riders, students, average blue-color workers, average white-color workers and those above. Everyone is inclusive.”

Subscribers subscribing to the marketers package would recharge only US$5 a month and would benefit unlimited calls within the Novafone network, they’ll also be given 10 SIM cards that would benefit from the service.

“We also have the Chi chipolay package which enables our subscribers to recharge only US$9.00 and benefit unlimited calls within the network, 20 minutes to other networks, 300MB, 50 SMS plus 10 SIMS for whole 30 days.

“Another interesting one is the Free Talk Budget which provides unlimited calls within the Novafone network, 120 minutes to other networks, 120 to top five destinations, 1,000 MB and 50 SMS for only US$28.00 and this also last for 30 days,” Mr. Kamara disclosed.

The “Internet Coach”, according to him, offers unlimited calls within the Novafone Network, 50 SMS, 15 minutes call to other networks, 30 minutes international call to top five destinations and 10,000MB for 30 days for US$55.00.

Mr. Kamara disclosed that Novafone will also introduce Student Mobile which is a marketing brand selling Novafone products. He noted that “For student mobile our first school community is Starz with over 500 students lined up for enrollment in to our new services, in February.”

“There will also be Rural mobile – a new marketing brand to sell Novaone services in rural Liberia,” Mr. Kamara added.