I’ll Only Account For US$900,000…Says Deputy Speaker

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

The Chairperson of the consultation committee, Hans Bachue, says he is ready to give an account of the US$900,000 budget presented to Representative Emmanuel Nuquay which was endorsed and all relevant documents on how the money was expended but not the US$1.2M.   Recently, the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) wrote Deputy Speaker Bachue informing him that the Commission has launched an investigation into the US$1.2M received from NOCAL to conduct a nationwide consultation tours across the counties.

The LACC’s communication requests Representative Bachue to provide useful information and produce all vouchers and relevant documents relative to the usage of the US$1.2m for the consultation tour. But reacting to the communication yesterday, the Deputy House Speaker said he did submit a budget of US$900,000 to the Ways, Means, Finance and Expenditure Committee of the House headed by Margibi County Representative, Emmanuel Nuquay and admitted that that was the only amount his committee received.

Appearing on a local radio station yesterday in Monrovia, Deputy Speaker Hans Bachue reiterated that he only received the amount of US$900,000 of the alleged US$1.2 million and added that his committee did the right thing by submitting a comprehensive budget to the Ways, Means and Finance Committee terming his committee’s action as was purely administrative.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker Bachue is calling on the Ways, Means and Finance Committee Chairperson, Emmanuel Nuquay, to account for the US$1.2 million; how it was received; if it was from NOCAL, because it was the Ways, Means and Finance Committee that submitted a consultation budget to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

Representative Bachue added that the communication from LACC was sent to the wrong persons describing the action of the Commission as intentional and called on the Commission to redirect its communication to the Speaker who will then request Rep. Nuquay to explain circumstances surrounding the US$1.2 million.

As pressure mounts on the leadership of the House of Representatives to account for the US$1.2 million received from the National Oil Company (NOCAL) for a nationwide Oil Consultation across the country, observers are eagerly waiting to hear from the former Chairperson on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget, Rep. Nuquay and House Speaker Alex Tyler on the clarity of the US$1.2 million.