Duala Market Is Dirty

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Tons of garbage and dirt have undoubtedly taken over the Duala Market, one of the busiest markets on the Bushrod Island.

Accordingly, the junk has taken over the market to the level that people are now referring to as “hold your nose and pass because of pollution from the dirt.”

Some of the marketers who spoke to the INQUIRER in an angry mood expressed dissatisfaction about the squalid scenery of the vicinity of the market.

They alleged that whenever dirt is dumped in the market, it takes many days before the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) would dispose of same.

A marketer indentified as Ma Musu said, “My brother; let me tell you that we are actually suffering from poor sanitary condition in this market because when people dump the dirt, Monrovia City Corporation always keep the dirt here until we make noise before they can do their work.”

A peddler said since employees of the Monrovia City Corporation are being paid by the City Corporation monthly, they should not forget to diligently execute their duties at all times by timely collecting the dirt from the market because pollution causes health hazard.

At all corners of the market, one sees stockpile of dirt, which signifies that the administration of the market is doing nothing to indeed contain the situation.

One woman who was on her shopping spree yesterday in the market asked about what the MCC is doing to clean the filthy market environment. “This is where we buy our food and it must be maintained clean,” the female shopper stated.