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Novafone Launches New Product Today

By Antoinette Sendolo

One of Liberia’s fastest growing GSM Companies, Novafone, is today expected to launch a new product in the country. The launch of the new product by Novafone is said to be part of the company’s way of affording subscribers the opportunity to experience the real value for their money.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the Executive Vice President of Novafone Liberia, Mr. Abdullah Kamara a Liberian behind the exciting initiative disclosed that the new product will mark a turning point in the transformation of the mobile communication industry in Liberia.

According to Mr. Kamara, with Novafone’s new product, subscribers will not have to worry about call credits; adding that it will change the landscape of mobile communication in Liberia.

He explained that with the new product being provided, subscribers of Novafone will be left with the choice of choosing from a basket full of exciting services pointing out that over the years; the company has provided better and affordable mobile communication services to the people of Liberia.

He added that the performance indicators have proven that Novafone is currently the leader in best voice and internet quality services across the country adding that the company will remain a highly competitive institution by providing services in the interest of its users.

Mr. Kamara said that customers’ satisfaction remains the utmost concern of the company’s management indicating that the new product will be affordable for all.

He further noted that subscribers have not been given the full value for their money over the years, especially at the level it should be, stressing that Novafone believes that people should be able to move freely from one service provider to the other without any restriction.

He expressed disappointment with the manner in which subscribers have been misled by GSM Companies in the country, adding that people have been misinformed that the number they are using belongs to the   GSM operators ,something he said is false and misleading.

“Subscribers should not be forced to remain with a GSM company just to maintain their numbers but rather be given the opportunity to move from one GSM company to another,” Mr. Kamara added.

“When people are loyal to their number, they are forced to stay with that service provider and it shouldn’t be so, because they should be allowed to move freely to any service provider; the number they have is not for the operating company, but for that person as issued by the Government of the country and assigned by the operating company,” Kamara stressed.

He disclosed that plans are ongoing for the company to extend its operations to the 15 counties this year because Novafone is at the frontline of empowering and strengthening the telecommunication industry in Liberia.



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