Fear Grips Vai Town Residents…As Demolition In Sight

Over 300 family heads residing in Vai Town close to the demolished Ma Juah Market are said to be living in a state of uncertainty and fear after most of their dwelling places have been marked for demolition by government.   The citizens who are resisting the demolition exercise said the government of Liberia did not give them any citations neither were they called to a meeting to discuss proper compensation or relocation.

“We only saw people from Public works marking houses earmarked for demolition and the next day the bulldozer came with the intent to demolish our homes. We resisted and they promised to bring us citation following a meeting with our Representative who is the administrator of this land,” Mr. Varney Kamara, the community leader in the area said.

He noted that government only informed them that they were taking the market from the area thus it was surprising to people from the Ministry of State, the Ministry of Public Works and the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to show up a day after the market’s demolition and attempt to make them homeless.

An elder in the community said the land in question is part of the Vai Town 25 acres which was approved during the administration of former President Charles D.B.King.

The Community leader said, “Government should protect its citizens and in a situation like this the government should also be able to engage us but instead they came and began marking houses and even tried to demolish the houses while people were still indoor.”

Mr. Abraham Kiazolu, an elder in the area also told the INQUIRER that if their house must be demolished, the issue of relocation and compensation must be highlighted or else over five hundred persons will be made homeless.

Meanwhile, the community leaders and residents said they are awaiting the arrival of their representative who they said is the administrator.