US-Liberian Group Launches New Ebola Vaccines

A U.S, Liberia Clinical group, the U.S-Liberia Clinical Research Partnership, has launched new testing vaccines for Ebola in the country, to experiment two distinct Ebola vaccines, which are very major to the prevention of the deadly Ebola virus.

The vaccine test which was launched over the weekend in the Borough of New Kru Town was produced in the United States of America and Russia respectively. During the launch of the new Ebola vaccines, several citizens from all sectors of the Liberian society, including chiefs, elders, women groups and the youths massively gathered in their numbers to witness the scene of the event, while others stood in dismay.

Shortly, after the launch of the vaccines, an official of Partnership for Research on Ebola Vaccine in Liberia (PREVAIL), Margaret Sherman, CEO of the Partnership told the audience that the research is intended to find out which of the two vaccines is best to combat the Ebola virus disease.

She intimated that the Clinical Operations of Global Research Partners event will provide an opportunity where people can be able to participate in the testing process of the new vaccines, clarifying that contrary to report, the vaccines are not intended to spread the virus as been perceived.

She assured citizens of preventive ways to help verify the best vaccines in order to combat future outbreaks, meaning, the vaccines having been tested in other countries around that were also hit by the Ebola disease with positive results and it is also important for Liberia.

She averred that about 27 thousand Liberians have already been targeted for the program which will last for eight months across Ebola affected communities, asserting that the experimental campaign will focus on people between18 years and above who are highly affected by the Ebola in several communities in order to properly experiment the vaccines.

Meanwhile, CEO Margaret has noted that when the process is completed, its findings will be used to select one of the two vaccines that will be used to combat the Ebola Virus Disease, asserting that the experimental activities will also be characterized by a thorough screening process to determine the status and condition of people who will be taking any of the experimental vaccines.

She further added that key among the screening processes will include kidney and liver tests and HIV/AIDS Status of the people who will show up for the program, emphasizing that the issue of screening before the experiment is part of activities to ensure that people are safe and qualified to be experimented.

Also speaking on behalf of the people of New Kru Town where the experimental campaign was launched, the Chairman of Momboe Town East, George Brown, welcomed the initiative adding that it will help the world to combat future outbreaks.

Chairman Brown added that the experimental process demonstrates the world’s readiness to adequately combat the deadly disease which has taken the lives of several Liberians, and at the same time pledged his commitment to work along with different communities in that region to ensure that the project indeed becomes a success.