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“I Will Serve If Offered A Job”…Ex-Pro-temp Findley Asserts

By Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The former President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Gbehzongar Findley says as a politician he will never be out of politics therefore if offered a job by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf he sees no reason why he will not serve his country

Speaking in an interview with the Power FM Television program on Tuesday, former Grand Bassa County Senator, Findley said President Sirleaf has been a good manager and because he conducted himself so well as senator, he cannot contemplate what his next move is but will remain engaged until 2017 so that he could play a role in the political process.

“Let my critics see how I envision politics. The law states that government is controlled by three separate but distinguished branches and I urge the new senators that working with President Sirleaf will be easy because as Pro-tempore, there was no difficulty that was never solved. We are equals but coordinate and should be able to solve our problems through dialogue. You can achieve nothing in government if you do not work as coordinated branches,” he said.

He explained how the Ellen-led government brought some stability to Liberia but needs to focus on education more; seeing things differently by training Liberians so as to desist from importing people to build the country’s foundation.

The outgoing Senate Pro-temp reckoned that Liberia has limited resources with enormous problems judging from breakdown of systems and industries noting that government needs to take on big projects and put in 30 percent of the national budget so that Liberians can take over.

Mr. Findley boasted, “I have conducted myself well in Grand Bass County and citizens as well as political parties will see. For all my life, I wanted to be a senator and I can clearly say that I passed my expectation because I held the highest position as a senator which is the President Pro-tempore.”

The former senator said serving his people and the Liberians in general all he can say is that he has no regrets because he knew his tenure was for nine years and expected that thereafter there would have been a determination by the votes of the people who elected him.

On the issue of reconciliation with some elders of the county, the former Grand Bassa County Senator said,” there is no need for reconciliation because on the just ended special senatorial election, the people of Bassa have spoken and I will not get involved with who becomes Superintendent, Commissioner, or whatsoever because they have selected the people who they want to lead them.”

He said as he finds something to occupy his time he will miss the personalities of all his former colleagues but not the Senate adding that all senators carried different personalities and it was their daily postures especially during sessions which propelled him for the day’s deliberations, recalling interactions with Senator Cletus Wotorson, Thomas Grupee, Alphonso Gaye, Geraldine Doe Sheriff, Dallas Gueh and Henry Yallah, among others.

In conclusion, Mr. Findley encouraged all Liberians to work towards turning down violence than fueling conflict and praised President Sirleaf for accomplishing so much after inheriting a fragile state because she may be the immediate boss, but the people are the alternate bosses.



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