Cooperation Not Confrontation…Says NASA President Johnson

The newly inducted President of the National Staff Association of the UN Mission in Liberia (NASA), Momolu Johnson, says the days of conflict and confrontation between the National Staff Association and UNMIL Administration are over.

Mr. Johnson: “Today we begin a new era in which collaboration, not conflict or confrontation will be our catch word as well as the focus of our policies as the new staff union leadership”.

According to Mr. Johnson, the new NASA leadership intends to work with and not against the UNMIL Administration or Management to ensure that the National Staff get recognition and the legitimate rewards they deserve for their immense sacrifices to make help turn UNMIL into one of the most successful peace keeping missions around the world will be its focus.

He said the long awaited change that was so desire by the membership of NASA since its formation will now be experienced from the election and subsequent induction of the Mr. Johnson-Led Administration that comprises of level headed individuals.

“To achieve the change that we all are so desperately in need of it is going to require a new direction and new ways of doing things; that is to put in place a news system that will address the most crucial needs of UNMIL National Staff”, Mr. Johnson Added.

The change that I am talking about will be characterized with honesty, hard-work and dedicated staff seeking people with that zest to make a change, who will lead and not rule to influence members and not to manipulate them.

This new system, NASA President pointed out: ‘will remain in place so that even when we are gone, every NASA Administration coming to power after us will have no choice but to adapt to the structure and continue with the policies that they are going to create”.

He disclosed that an Ad Hoc Committee of Professionals will be established to look at possibility options for the most efficient way of using NASA’s funds as a symbol of exhibiting transparency and accountability.

Mr. Johnson described as a disservice to members of the National staff that their meager funds deducted from their hard — earned salaries cannot be used to benefit them but further are used to sponsor lavish parties that benefit only few while majority are left to swallow their spite in envy or in frustration, which he vowed will not happen under his administration.

At the same time, the vision of the NASA will to firstly see all eligible national staff assuming managerial roles in UNMIL as it is a part of the draw down and hand over of mission can only be achievable once the national staff in all sections exhibit the high level of commitment and professionalism in the discharge of their respective duties.

Meanwhile, the key note speaker at NASA induction ceremony in Congo Town, A Commissioner of the National Elections Commission, Davidetta Browne-Lansanah, called on the inducted officials of the National Staff Association of the UN Mission in Liberia to use communication as their administrative hallmark.

“Your effective use of communication will enhance the understanding of NASA Leadership in working with members of Association as well as to engage UNMIL Administration on issues that would improve the overall wellbeing of NASA members without confrontation”, Mrs. Lansanah cautioned.

She urged NASA officials to make their administration participatory by involving the members in decision making because if the membership are supportive of plans and actions, then their leadership will become stronger.

However, the Former Officer-in-Charge of NASA Agatha Kollie, spoke of the immense contributions made by her leadership which for the first time in the Association a past leader is leaving in the coffer of NASA over eleven thousand United States Dollars for this current leadership to begin working with.

Mr. Kollie warned the new leadership that the greater challenge before them is how to unify members of NASA.

Those inducted at Friday’s ceremony he’d at the German Embassy included: Momolu J. Johnson, Sr., president, Joseph B. K. Camara, Vice president for Administration, Margaret Taylor, Vice President for Operations, Andrew Kendema, Secretary General, David J. K. Starks, Sr., Assistant Secretary General, Albert Quenah, Treasurer and Geraldine Donald, Financial Secretary.