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Boy, 14, Kills 5-yr Old Brother

By Garmonyou Wilson

A 14-year old boy in Lawalazu Town, Zorzor District, Lofa County has allegedly shot and killed his 5-year old brother with a single barrel gun.   According to reports the incident happened in a village kitchen while the boy’s father was on the farm and his mother was tending to other chores.

The reports further stated that the two boys were left in the kitchen with a single barrel gun unknowingly left behind by their father who had gone on the farm.

There were no reports of the two boys getting into an argument or fight but, apparently the older boy was playing with the arm when it mistakenly went off and hit his younger brother.

The boy’s father who spoke with authorities, who were called upon receiving news of the shooting, stated that he usually doesn’t take the gun with him because not everyday he goes hunting.

Juvenile violence in the country is something that is on the rise as more young people are made into bread- winners. Children killing children is not a new topic in the society, but rehabilitation for young people is relatively new.

In related developments five persons were arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) over the weekend for their alleged role in mob violence in Salala, Bong County.

According to police reports an angry crowd brought a man accused of stealing rubber from the Salala Rubber Plantation. The angry crowd allegedly beat the man severely, causing him to seek intensive medical attention. Illicit tappers on rubber plantations have been going on since rubber has been a major export throughout the country.

Rubber companies have made several warnings to would- be illicit tappers as well as workers who apprehend them that it is illegal and that workers should contact the police and not put the law into their own hands.



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