Speaker Tyler Eying The Presidency?

 Speaker Tyler Eying The Presidency?

By Varney K. Sirleaf

Nimba County Representative, R. Matenokay Tingban, has disclosed and confirmed rumors that House Speaker Alex J. Tyler wants to be President of the Republic of Liberia.

He disclosed the information when he appeared on the popular Truth Break Fast Talk Show Tuesday morning, January 20, 2015.

Rep. Tingban said he was invited in a block of lawmakers meeting three times, one of them a trip to Grand Gedeh where they decided to support Speaker Tyler Presidential bid something they said was in the interest of all lawmakers.

He said that if this cause was in the interest of all, he suggested that it should begin from Grand Gedeh where they were meeting; stating that there were some lawmakers among them who felt that they were influential or super lawmakers.

He further stated that there are selected lawmakers within the Speaker’s Presidential bid block that are contributing US$200.00 from their monthly salaries to support this cause. He said even though Speaker Tyler is still a member of the Unity Party, but yet he’s forming a political party for his presidential quest.

“We got the information that they all initiated the formation of the PUP with the determination of becoming the Standard Bearer, a quest he did not see forthcoming and then he left to form his own party. I believe that one of the things that are bringing divisions at the Capitol is when you have a Speaker who wants to be President with a group of selected lawmakers paying dues for this cause. What happens to those who are on the other side of the divide?,” he asked.

Rep. Tingban clairvoyantly noted that the Speaker’s ambition of becoming President of Liberia could jeopardize the workings of the House of Representatives. “There is danger hanging over the normal functions of the House, as the Speaker’s ambition to become President will be met with resistance or every attempt from the Executive to stop him,” he said.

The Nimba County lawmaker then questioned the recent appointment of committee chairs by the House Speaker, stating that most of them were misplaced citing Rep. Gabriel Nyenkan’s appointment as Chairman of the Committee on Lands, Mines and Energy who he described as a classroom teacher throughout his life.

“If you put a square peg in a round hole at the level of the Capitol, then indeed you undermine the productivity of the Capitol,” Rep. Tingban explained.

He said the Speaker’s appointments were done based on emotions something Rep. Tingban said he (Speaker) was ill- advised by some lawmakers who wanted to achieve their personal interest which he said was wrong on his part.

Rep. Tingban concluded by saying that the House of Representatives should call for a retreat where all of these issues raised by other lawmakers will be investigated and resolved mentioning the issue of the US$25,000.00 and US$100,000.00. He said they don’t need to fight over these issues, but should be done according to the law.

When contacted yesterday, Speaker Tyler stated that he is still a member of the Unity Party and wonder why people are jittery about the rumor of his presidential quest.

He said even thought he has the right under the Constitution as a Liberian citizen to contest for the post of a president, but has not considered such decision.