LIBA Prexy Denounces Divisive Tendency

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The president of the Liberian Business Association Dee-Maxwell S. Kemayah, Sr. over the weekend strongly condemned divisive tactics occurring in the country.

Mr. Kemayah made this statement recently at the Mount Nebo Baptist Church at a program in observance of past and present Deacons. Some of those Deacons honored were Dee-Maxwell S. Kemayah’ Sr, Edward B. Dagoseh, David T. Morris, and Stalin K. Ajavon, Sr.

He stated that both the private and public sectors must stand against every tendency that will not make any positive impact in the country’s rebuilding process because it is the same divide and rule syndrome that the country still experiences today, where millions of citizens are facing abject poverty with no social services extended to them.

“Besides the church, even in our country during the civil war where discrimination was the order of the day, it has taken us nowhere but to destruction,” Mr. Kemayah asserted.

He said it doesn’t matter where one is from, but what matters is the value and difference they make in bringing change in the society they find themselves.

Mr. Kemayah added that if Liberians can have a common belonging then there will be lots of great changes in the country because only Liberians can come together to rebuild the country. He then called on all churches and Muslim houses to be enterprising in the country because it is important to be enterprising. He then contributed L$ 50,000 to the school project undertaken by the church.

“From my observation, the Mount Nebo Baptist Church is a pastor-led church and we as Deacons recognize our role that we have responsibilities to serve the table of the Lord’s Supper,” he concluded.