LACC Reacts To Audio Recording…Vows To Prosecute Accused

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) is aware and takes note of a calculated audio recording attributed to one of its commissioners, Hon. Charles J.L Gibson who is alleged to have had conversation with Rep. Adolph Lawrence to compromise LACC’s investigation of the Speaker and Rep. Lawrence.

LACC sees this as an attempt to twist its attention from the ongoing investigation involving Rep. Adolph Lawrence and the Speaker of the House. Some accused personsare doing all to redeem their reputation, and have resulted to doing the normal political tactics of finding similar voices to play and attribute them to Commissioner Charles J.L Gibson

Commissioner Charles J.L Gibson has informed the Body of Commissioners that he has not had any conversation with Rep. Lawrence. Besides, Com. Gibson who is alleged to have promised a compromise has no direct link to investigations at the LACC and can’t influence anything otherwise.

LACC challenges Rep. Lawrence and his cohorts to play the tape, and encourages the public to provide any information on the conduct of any of its staff that undermines the work of the Commission. LACC has commissioned an internal investigation which will lead to authenticating the voices using forensic investigative tools. LACC will punish any of its staff when caught in wrong doings, and will stand by those falsely accused.

The LACC wishes to assure the public of professional investigation in its entire works including investigation involving the Speaker and Rep. Lawrence. ThereforeLACC reassures the public and its partners that it remains resolute and unshakable in the fight against corruption and will ensure that the accused are brought to justice.