As Commercial Drivers Refuse To Operate: Several Citizens Face Difficulties In Commuting

By Janjay F. Campbell

Several citizens have raised concern about the adjustment in transportation fare by the Government of Liberia because they find it difficult to be comuted, a situation they described as ‘disgusting’.

Yesterday, several commercial bus drivers decided to pack their buses because of the adjustment that was made by the Government of Liberia. Citizens were seen walking from their homes to get to work because they could not find vehicles to take them to work.

Mr. Varney Kamara who is a commercial driver said it is not fair what the Government has done by reducing transportation fare. He stressed that because of the Ebola outbreak, the Government of Liberia reduced the passengers by announcing three persons on a seat.

He narrated that because of that they increased the transportation fare to get what they used to make when there were four persons on a seat.He admitted that the price of gasoline has reduced but that does not mean that the transportation fare should be reduced which will undoubtedly affect their livelihood.

“This is not fair to the drivers; the Minister of Transport did not call us to have a meeting with us to see how best we can solve this problem. Taking decisions without the Drivers Union present is disrespect to us. What we do is important; today because of the Government’s decision, most people are seen walking to work and they should be assured that they will walk back home,” Mr. Kamara stated.

At the same time, taxi drivers are handling the situation differently by over charging passengers and collecting their money before transporting passengers to their various destinations while some drivers are going by the regular transportation fare.

The Government of Liberia made adjustment in transportation fare since there has been substantial reduction on the world market for the price of crude oil.

The Government through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as well as the Ministry of Transport in making the adjustment said the reduction in the price of crude oil over the past few months had resulted into a substantial reduction in the prices of petroleum products on the Liberian market especially gasoline and diesel fuel used by commercial vehicles.