Armed Robbers Attack Home In Bardnersville

By Antoinette Sendolo

A group of armed robbers recently attacked a home in Bardnersville and took away several valuables including a Honda jeep.

According to a relative Saybioh Johnson who visited the Inquirer yesterday, their home was attacked early Sunday morning at about 2 a.m.

She said the group of armed robbers entered the room of her grandmother who is believed to be eighty- six years old and requested her to give them money, if not, they would harm her.

Saybioh narrated that due to fear, Anna Kawreh, 86, after being mal-handled and threatened by the robbers due to fear gave her car keys as requested by the robbers in order to save the lives of her family.

She added that her little brother, Lawson 21 who was also present during the attack by the robbers was tied and beaten due to his refusal to give the money requested by the armed robbers.

She disclosed that police are still in search of the perpetrators but there is no suspect or any trace of those involved according to police investigations.

Meanwhile, the family has put out a handsome reward for anyone who will provide information leading to the retrieval of the vehicle which was taken away by the armed robbers.