Immanuel’s Church Pastor Commends INQUIRER For 24 Years of Service

The Rev. S. Adrean Neufville, Pastor of the Immanuel Church situated on the S.D. Cooper Road has commended the INQUIRER Newspaper for 24 years of service to the nation and its people.   Rev. Neufville said as the only surviving post war newspaper, the INQUIRER makes strives which continues to add to its credibility.

Preaching on the theme “You are more than what you see”, with text coming from Numbers 13: 25 -33, Rev. Neufville told the congregation including members of the INQUIRER Newspaper family that each one is more than what he or she sees.”

Pastor Neufville said the life that each person lives will speak for them tomorrow saying, “Nothing comes free.”

Pastor Neufville emphasized that for anything to happen one has to make effort and it’s that potential and ability that God has given one that speaks volumes about such a person.

The Immanuel Church Pastor added, “With faith even when you see success, you can see excellence, and if you see weakness, you can one day see strength”.

He strongly reminded Liberians that the country is blessed but that the average citizens are not enjoying the milk and honey that the country has that many should be enjoying.

The Pastor also challenged the INQUIRER family to be careful with their reportage to maintain its credibility.

In remarks, the Managing Editor for the INQUIRER Newspaper, Attorney Philip N. Wesseh during the worship service called on Liberians to re-examine themselves. He said that Liberians are still talking about poverty in their own country while foreigners are talking about wealth.

Atty. Wesseh attributed the lack of seriousness on the part of many Liberians as a factor for them not enjoying the wealth of their own country.

He said Liberians should have self-confidence which would strengthen their love and feeling for the country.

“We need to have the courage and to build hope or less we will not benefit from the abundance of wealth that the country has,” he said.

The INQUIRER Newspaper, as a tradition holds worship services at local churches during celebrations of its anniversary with this year’s thanksgiving intercessory service held at the Immanuel Church.