Gov’t Adjusts Transport Fares

The Government of Liberia (GOL) has made adjustment in transportation fare since there has been substantial reduction on the World Market the price of crude oil.   The government through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as well as the Ministry of Transport in making the adjustment said the reduction in the price of crude oil over the past few months had resulted into the a substantial reduction in the prices of petroleum products on the Liberian market especially gasoline and diesel fuel used by commercial transports.

Citing an example, the government said a gallon of gasoline on the Liberian market is L$280 and diesel is L$290, resulting to a net decrease of 22 percent prices of petroleum products on the Liberian market.

The two line Ministries said they have consulted on the reduction of the said fuel cost and how this can be translated in a reduction in transport fares so as to bring benefits of the reductions to the Liberian people.

The Government of Liberia said in line with its new Transport fare structure, any commercial driver over-charging passengers outside of the government’s approved fare will be penalized accordingly.

The GOL at the same time has advised commuters and the public to report any violators to the Ministry of Transport or the nearest police station or call 0886666717 or 0886557902.

The government said that the first offence by taxi drivers would warrant them to pay a fine of US$100.00 and US$200.00 for Transport Pick-up or Transport Bus drivers to be paid into the central revenue account at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) within 24 hours of the violation.

The GOL also noted that for second offence, US$200.00 fine for taxis and US$400.00 for Transport Pick-ups or Transport Buses to be paid into the central revenue account at the CBLwithin 24 hours of the violation while third offense is two years suspension of operator’s license.