Locally Produced Medicated Soap Out

By Antoinette Sendolo

A Liberian researcher has produced a locally made anti-virus soap which can also be used to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.   According to the researcher, Mr. Martin Scott-Cadi who presented some of the products to THE INQUIRER yesterday, the locally produced soap which is branded ‘Kissi Butter Medicated Soap’ is perfect defense against bacteria, and virus including the Ebola virus because it is produced from a formulation of good quality traditional botanic oleic acid, potassium, minerals and essential cytokine, a plant hormone that induces cell division.

Mr. Scott-Cadi said the soap also contains anti-biotic and anti-microbials needed to keep the skin healthy adding that Kissi Butter Soap can be used for growth and delay of ageing cells.

The Kissi Butter Medicated Soap is excellent in cell’s integration as they maintain electro balance and internal fluid-keeping cell hydrated and skin internal moisturized and also repairs all damages created by chlorinated water, the Liberian researcher added.

Speaking to this paper after the presentation, Scott-Cadi said the newly produced product which is the first Liberian made pharmaceutical product in Liberia has been tested for two months and approved by all necessary authorities giving him the right to sell his products on the Liberian market.

“This product (Kissi Butter Medicated Soap) can be compared to the Ghanaian made medicated soap named Village Fresh because this soap can clean the skin and prevent virus from entering the vain,” the researcher stressed.

He disclosed that up to four thousand products have been distributed and consumed across the country noting that his target is to see that everybody use the soup because it will help contain the spread of the Ebola virus in the country.

The researcher spoke yesterday when he donated few of his products to the Inquirer Newspaper which is the first institution to receive the product.

Receiving the soap, the Managing Editor of the Inquirer Newspaper, Mr. Philip Wesseh, extended thanks to the researcher for his thoughtfulness and promised to promote the locally made Kissi Butter Soap.