UBCAA Commends Bong County Citizens

The United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc.-USA has commended the citizens of Bong County for peacefully participating in the special senatorial elections in Liberia, especially in Bong County.

In a press release from the office of the National President of the United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc-USA, Mr. David K. Flomo, thanked citizens of the Bong County for demonstrating political majority, especially our youth for peacefully participating in the just-ended senatorial elections without violence and electing a candidate of their choice.

According to the United States Bong Citizens-based organization President, Mr. David K. Flomo, the peaceful elections in Liberia demonstrated how far our country and citizens have come to embrace democratic elections as the way forward for transition of powers in Liberia instead of violence and wars.

The United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc. and citizens of Bong County residing in the United States extend congratulations to Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor on her re-election as Senator of Bong County and thanked other candidates who participated in the process, especially Dr. Henry Tokpa whose efforts landed him in the second place.

With the elections over, the United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc-USA, is asking all Bong County citizens to come together, especially our appointed and elected officials to start working together for the greater good of our great and promising county to address the needs and aspirations of our youths, women, venerable citizens in the county and providing general social services our citizens.

According to the Association’s president P, Mr. David K. Flomo, putting Bong County above self-interests is now and let’s begin the process of providing opportunities to our people, especially our youths and build their capacities to be able to take on greater responsibilities for years to come.

He urged appointed, elected, churches, community organizations, and influential Bong county Citizens to come together and let’s transform Bong County.