Jurors Find Several Guilty Of Armed Robbery

By Edwin G. Wandah

Jurors in the case, Armed Robbery, have found several men guilty of the crime. Christopher George, alias ‘Critofiso’, Mark Agynah, alias Little man, KessellyMulbah, Tuss Andrew, alias Redhead and Prince Zoe, et al all of the City of Monrovia were charged with crime of armed robbery for their alleged involvement in armed robbery incident in Paynesville.

The case, which is one of few cases heard at the court presents a history where the defendants had gone on armed robbery spree in different communities, including Paynesville, making away with several valuables, including cash, and at the same time raped their victims in the process.

On November 22, 2013, according to court records, the gangs avenged their operation on peaceful citizens in several communities in Paynesville, attacking the residents and leaving two private prosecutrixes, Juliet Flomo and KebbehKollie victimized on the Duport Road, Cow Field Community in Paynesville, while, they (private prosecutrixes) were returning from school; they used fire arms and other deadly weapons to attack them, and made away with several valuables including cash from them.

One of the defendants, Prince Massaquoi, alias, Master Kuku, raped victim Flomo in her anus after the victim had begged for mercy, but to no avail. Defendants continued their criminal deeds, attacking several other homes, including Moses Blojeh, Sylvester Varmie, Esther Stevens, and Omar Keita around November of 2013, through February of 2014. The defendants were finally arrested in January and February 2014 while on another armed robbery spree by the Liberia National Police.

However, the defendants were accorded a due process of investigation by the LNP, and charged with the commission of the crimes of Armed Robbery and rape and were immediately forwarded to court for prosecution, where they were indicted by a grand jury of Montserrado County on June 25th 2014. A writ of arrest was issued out of the Criminal Court D and served on the defendants, bringing them under the jurisdiction of said.

Meanwhile, when the case was called for trial on December 31, 2014, prosecution moved the court to grant severance trial to co-defendant KessellyMulbah for reason that he had a private lawyer who was informed of the hearing of the case on that day, but failed to appear without filing an excuse.

However, the motion was granted and the remaining defendants were arraigned and pleaded guilty to the crime of Armed Robbery. But by operation of the law, a plea of not guilty was entered in their favor, thereby joining issues with the state. The case was ruled to trial by jury and the Petite Jury was empanelled on December 31st, 2014.

‘Prosecution says, that when the witness took the stand, they admitted to the commission of the crime as charged. The defendants did not contest the accusation levied against them by the state and begged the court for mercy and promised never to repeat such act. They also maintained that all what happened was the work of the devil; their voluntary admission was first done at the police station when they were being investigated.