GoL Investigates Shooting Incident…Condemns Terrorists Attack In France

The Government of Liberia (GOL) has condemned the recent shooting incident that was reported at the Ivorian- Liberian Border.

Deputy Information Minister, Isaac Jackson told a news conference in Monrovia yesterday that the GOL is concerned about the shooting incident and as such its security forces are investigating the incident. He said to show its concern over the shooting incident; the nation’s security forces are currently investigating the matter because it is of serious interest to the country.

Minister Jackson said the government of Liberia remains committed to the fact that no part of its territory will be used to destabilize any neighboring country. Recently there were reports of shooting along the Liberian Ivorian border.

In a related development, the GOL in the strongest term condemns the recent terrorist attack on the offices of the Charlie Hbedo Magazine in Paris, France.

The attack which occurred in the morning hours of January 7, 2015 left 12 people dead and ten others wounded.

The GOL described the attack which was executed by two brothers as being unprovoked, barbaric and unnecessary attempt to silent free speech.

Minister Isaac B. Jackson said that the GOL is of the view that terrorism should be uprooted in every corner of the earth and an attempt to silent free speech be unacceptable.