Girl, 3, Dies After Rat Eats Part of Her Hand…Witchcraft or Unfortunate Incident?

By Garmonyou Wilson

A three- year old girl, Janet Williams, early Monday morning died mysteriously after the palm of her left hand was alleged eaten by a rat.

The incident attracted a mammoth of crowd when the girl was discovered dead Monday morning in the Borough of New Kru Town outside Monrovia.

Explaining the ordeal to the INQUIRER yesterday morning, the mother of the deceased identified as   Baby-Girl narrated that witchcraft must have been behind the death of her daughter.

According to Baby Girl, she carried little Janet home Sunday evening and noted that on that particular night late Janet and her new baby played that night until the entire family went to bed.

During the late hours of the night, the mother said little Janet could be heard shrieking throughout the night and when Janet’s hand and feet accidentally touched her, they were felt cold.

The mother said Monday morning when the Williams were awakened by her mother-in-law and her husband Mr. Williams opened the door while little Janet remained asleep.

She said when it was observed that she was still asleep little Janet’s brother was told to go and wake her up but she remained motionless and saw yellow water oozing from her nose.

Outside of the Williams’ home, neighbors in the community complained that it was an act of witchcraft that led to the little girl’s death. However there has not been any authorized autopsy on the remains of little Janet.