Remain Vigilant

IT IS NO doubt that Liberia has made significant gains against the vicious Ebola virus over the past three months as there has been no major reported cases of the virus throughout the county.

THIS GAIN CAN be attributed to the uncompromising resilience of the Liberian people who have always remained vigilant and continue to observe all of the preventive health measures. One of the counties that has scored high grade when it comes to the fight against Ebola is Lofa County, the epicenter of the epidemic.

LOFA COUNTY UNDISPUTEDLY fought the Ebola menace with all its might, something that has resulted to nearly zero case of Ebola in that part of the country. Lofians did not only fight the virus, but continued to mind their virus border points in their county to avoid any resurfacing of Ebola.

BECAUSE OF THE level of unity against the virus, the largest ETU in Foya is now empty with health facilities not reporting of Ebola cases anymore. In order to completely kick Ebola out of Liberia, all Liberians must join the people of Lofa by serving as our own security at our various communities, towns, villages and other places.

LET US REMAIN vigilant at all times and intensify our effort in observing the preventive health measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare bearing in mind that Ebola is still in Liberia and very aggressive.

BUT THE GOOD news is that Ebola can and will be defeated only if we are vigilant and remain focused in the fight to defeat the virus that has claimed so many lives in our dear country. Let us do away with complacency and avoid those things that have the propensity to have the virus resolute and adamant.

EVEN THOUGH INTERNATIONAL reports including the World Health Organization (WHO) have placed Liberia at the top by confirming that the country is making significant gains in the war against the virus, much still needs to be done to continue the level of progress being made thus far.

THIS CAN ONLY be done if we remain vigilant and continue the several preventive measures including washing of hands, avoiding shaking hands, avoiding touching and washing the dead bodies and eating bush meat, among others.

AGAIN, AS LIBERIA has reached this level of progress, let us remember that the virus still exists and is still in Liberia hence, we must avoid the act of complacency and go all out in ensuring that the virus is vanquished.

LET US REMAIN vigilant and do the right things to remain alive. Ebola is real, and is still here but can be defeated with our collective efforts and serve as catalysts in the endeavor.