PUL Membership Committee Announces Deadline For Registration

The Membership Committee and Leadership of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) for the forth and final time remind all journalists and media institutions that the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION/ACCREDITATION process which started last October closes on January 25, 2015.

There will be absolutely no extension as final membership rooster will be published in February in line with the PUL Constitution. Up to date, the Committee has registered approximately 200 individual and four institutional members.

The Committee applauds all of those who have updated their membership and personal information, and encourages all journalists to proceed to the Union’s Headquarters to do likewise. Institutional members will be certificated at the end of the registration process in January 2015.

Journalists can also obtain the membership application form on the PUL website at www.pul.org.lr. Journalists in rural areas are advised to attach a clear passport size photo (and an affixed signature on a separate sheet) to the form.

Aspiring/new members are advised to attach a membership application addressed to the Secretary General, Press Union of Liberia. Individual membership registration fee is US$10, while institutional membership is US$100. For further information call (0886/0777) 586531 or (0770/0886) 549526.