French Gov’t Pledges Support To Police

The Government of France through its Embassy near Monrovia has reemphasized its willingness to continue assisting the Liberia National Police with the necessary trainings and equipment in the coming months, describing the police performance as remarkable.

France Ambassador accredited near Monrovia Joel Godeau said the renewing of his government’s commitment comes as a result of the excellent performance of the Liberia National Police during the just ended Senatorial Midterm Elections and the police contributions to the ongoing anti Ebola fight.

The French envoy said the contributions of the police in these two national endeavors were remarkable, promising more support for the upliftment of the LNP to meet future challenges.

The government of France has been supportive in building the capacity of the Police Support Unit (PSU), and the Emergency Response Unite (ERU) of the Liberia National Police.

He informed the Director of Police that his government was reviewing more possibilities to have officers of the Liberia National Police get training in France.

Amb. Godeau in his discussion with the Director of Police Thursday, at his Central Office requested the beefing up of police presence at various French facilities in the country due to a recent terrorist attacked that resulted to the death on unspecific number of French citizens.

He said such protection will discourage any future attack on French facilities in Liberia.

In remarks the Director of the Liberia National Police expressed the police deepest condolence to the government and people of France for the terrorist attacked against the French people.

He said the Liberia National Police will continue to provide protecting for all French citizens and other foreign national in the country.

Director Massaquoi lauded the French Government for the support they continue ti render the police, especially the Police Support Unite and the Emergency Response Unite.

The Liberian Police Chief said the police performance doing the just ended Senatorial elections was highly predicated on the level of professional training provided to the police by the French government and other foreign governments.

The Director assured the French Envoy of the police administration’s willing to continue the professionalization of the Liberia National Police for the betterment of the Liberian society and its partners.