Subject: Do We Not Fear God?

We write this letter with reference to the following extract of the recent article by Mr. Grant Solomon in the Inquirer newspaper (that found its way on the site December 31, 2014) on the resignation of Liberia’s former Minister of Justice Christiana Tah, and we quote:

“She is married to Dr. Tah, a gynecologist, and almost twenty years her senior. The union is blessed with two children, a young lad, of less significance to society, and a budding young lady who is a caricature of her mother’s dual personality.”

We are completely shattered at what can only be described as unconscionable (unethical, amoral, immoral, unprincipled, indefensible, unforgivable, unfair, and wrong) ; despicable ,inhumane and a direct affront to the very God we serve and the very God to whom our nation has been praying to rid us of this Ebola and preserve our nation.!

Dear Liberians–do we not recall the question that the Disciples posed to Jesus in the Bible when at the Temple entrance they asked Him about the blind beggar: “whether it was he or his parents who sinned that cause him to be as he was?” Jesus answered and said

“; Neither ;but so that the greatness of God would be manifested “He then proceeded to heal the blind                 beggar, who then took up his mat and jumping went about glorifying and praising God! (John chapter 9,verses 2-7).

This story is being told here to say that whatever the political issues being tackled in the commentary in the article on the former Minister’s letter of resignation, the writer is absolutely out of order and needs to be taken to task for bringing in Cllr. Tah’s family and especially her autistic son and her daughter. They have absolutely nothing to do with the issues at bay and should not be dragged into this. Does the writer not fear God, to refer to one of his creation –as of no use? Pray tell us–who are we to judge or foresee what purpose God has for the young man?–let alone the attack on the daughter of the former minister?

Is there any mother out there who can determine what their child or Grandchild will be born with? If the answer is indeed -NO–then it behooves them to stand up and add their voices to this condemnation.


There is an unwritten rule in politics that protects politician’s children from ridicule and political viciousness. Unless the children are involved in criminal activities, the responsible press do not go after them nor attempt to harm them. Cllr. Tah has two children as you reported. However, to refer to her autistic son as “a young lad of less significance to society”, is deprived of human consciences, petty, vicious, inhumane and is below the belt for anyone. Children who are born with mental and or physical challenges, are a special gift from God to their parents. These parents are entrusted with God’s most vulnerable creation. For the writer to call such a child, “..of less significance to society” is erroneous, outrageous, unconscionable, lack moral character and is an abomination.


This child’s influence on his parents, sibling, relatives and friends resound in society. It is through him many of us see our humanity and our mortality. It is through him that we learn to take care of God’s most precious creation. His parents and relatives learn a lot about themselves. They learn how to to give a voice to the voiceless, how to protect these children and see that they are given every opportunity to be their best in their limited capacity. These qualities are then translated in the parents and relatives’ work and daily lives. Thus society benefits immensely from them.


There is nothing political about this and no need to be interpreted as interfering in politics. We are focused on the inhumanity of this .We remain loyalist to the Liberian people; our nation and ardent patriots. Above all we are two Liberian mothers writing in said capacity who find this characterization of these two children sordid and repugnant.


At the same time we are mindful of the words of the late Eleanor Roosevelt, former First lady of the USA and Chair of the UN High Commission on Human Rights and the UN Convention on Human Rights to the effect that  “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to stand silently by and do nothing”


The former Minister’s family has no place in this matter.

Cllr. Tah’s daughter is refer to as “…a budding young lady who is a caricature of her mother’s dual personality.” Does the author know this young lady? Has he ever met her? If he had, he would not refer to her like that. He would join those of us who know and have interacted with her and proclaim how proud we are of her numerous accomplishments at such a young age. This is a child that has performed academically above average. She has an undergraduate degree and a law degree from two ivy league Universities. She has clerked for an United States Judge, and has been deployed abroad to help establish the rule of law in a Caribbean country. After performing credibly, this young lady returned to the United States and is in government law practice in Washington DC. Where has the author ever encountered her or ever interacted with her to characterize her as “..a caricature of her mother’s dual personality”? By which psychiatrist has her mother been diagnosed as having a “dual personality”? What makes this young lady a caricature? This defamation of such an outstanding young lady is again not only below the belt, but is completely unwarranted and fabricated. This type of character assassination must stop.


We ask again, where are the voices of the mothers of Liberia?

If you remain silent at such a time as this, then be mindful of the message that you are sending to future generations of Liberians–your children and grandchildren—–namely that it is alright to do this kind of thing; that you will be sanctioning this most despicable act and that as a result it is ok for our society and our people to sink to such a level!


Remember that God often times brings the very object of one’s hatred and judgment to your own back yard, so be very careful how you speak about one of God’s creation.!


Is this the kind of legacy that this our Generation wants to leave for future Generations?


In closing we ask again, My people



Do we not fear God?


OLubanke king-Akerele           Yvette Chesson-Wureh