AFL Receives Over US$ 500, 000 Worth Of Medical Supplies For Ebola Fight

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) has received a consignment of medical supplies to contain if not prevent the outbreak of the Ebola virus at all military installations where there are clinics in the country.

The donated items said to be in an estimated tune of US$500, 000 contain hundreds of facial masks, gloves , cases of chloral and other bleaches, several adult wash and diapers, head masks, shoes covering, syringes and Personal   Protective Equipment (PPE) among others.

Turning over the items on behalf of the Community of Caring (Racchel Children) based in Erie City, Pennsylvania, USA, James Dorkor said the gesture was long in sight before the news of the decrease in the Ebola outbreak in the country and its purpose was based upon concerns primarily drawn to the exposure of soldiers on the frontline who had to interact directly with affected persons at those quarantined centers as part of the Ministry of Defense’s support to the national fight to end this demonic Ebola.

Mr. Dorkor said the organization’s concern was also for the military clinics that were never equipped having observed that most hospitals in the county were not prepared to combat the virus head-on thereby explaining how the non -political gesture was an idea birth by an 88-year old missionary, only identified as Mother Kennedy, who lived in Liberia.

Receiving the items at the Edward B. Kesselly (EBK) Barracks yesterday on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Eric Dennis expressed the authority’s gratitude and assured the organization that the items will be used properly and purposefully by its medical company in all of its military clinics and facilities.

For dispensing purpose, the Deputy Chief of Staff then handed the items to the Ministry of Defense Chief Medical Officer, Josiah George who said the distribution will be carried out in line with the barracks’ population percentages which are usually in the order of the EBK Barracks taking a lion’s share based on its population.

He emphasized that the EBK Barracks clinic will be given 40 percent and 20 percent to the rest of the other satellite clinics located at the Liberia Coast Guard (LCG) Base, Camp Ware and Camp Tucker in Gbarnga explaining how there have been serious logistical challenges during the Ebola outbreak ranging from vehicles to PPEs and medical supplies as well as drugs for regular clinic services.

He said all of the barracks are stable while regular healthcare services are still being provided. But efforts were made swiftly with the help of the AFL Military Command preventive control and quarantined measures were put in place leading to zero case now reported.