Transport Launches New License Plates

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The Ministry of Transport has revealed that several new measures are underway to shortly include the introduction of designed vehicle license plates and registration stickers in the country for the next five years.Minister Bush Cassell said the introduction of new license plates and registration stickers are to begin early this year announcing that all vehicles will be required to change their plates and stickers to the new design while the plates will also have stickers that will be placed on the vehicles to identify the county of residence of the vehicle owner.

Addressing the Ministry of Information regular press briefing just before the close of the year 2014, Transport Minister, Angela Bush Cassell also named the proposed Axle Load Law that is currently before the National Legislature for review and passage as well as the procurement of a contractor to automate the vehicle registration and drivers’ licensing processes.

Minister Cassell said the proposed new law is intended to enact certain measures that will control the usage of the streets and highways to avoid the fast destruction of the road infrastructure and prevent certain kinds of vehicles from using certain roads.

The law when enacted will also restrict the amount of loads a vehicle can carry based on the number of axles the vehicles have while the Ministry is prepared to promulgate immediately certain regulations after the passage of the new law to make it more effective.

Minister Cassell said as for the procurement aspect, modalities are being worked out to improve the Transport record keeping system and avoid the revenue losses due to illegal duplication of vehicle registration documents.

The new computerized system will link the various ports of entries in the country to the central database and ease the implementation of vehicle tracing processes, noting that the national database will also be available to the law enforcement arm of government to effectively monitor vehicle activities in Liberia.

Meanwhile, on the issue of the new license plate, he said Transport is collaborating with the Liberia National Police in the rollout and enforcement of the new vehicle license plates and sticker regulations adding that other stakeholders, the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning and Justice have been consulted.