Liberian In US Hails Senatorial Election

A US-based Liberian professional, Mr. Austin S Fallah, has praised his fellow Liberians for the exemplary manner in which they conducted themselves during the just ended mid-term Senatorial elections in Liberia.

Speaking to a cross section of Liberian journalists in the United States via a recent teleconference, the Minnesota resident said, “Liberians have once again shown to the world that they are ready to be a part of the democratic world, where citizens have the rights to usher in those they feel are capable of seeking their collective interests in government through the national legislature.

Mr. Fallah, who said the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government recently tried to recruit him during these last days of the administration for either a top position at the Ministry of Finance or the National Port Authority, analyzed that “the results of the elections thus far have sent a clear message that Liberians are ready to put an end to the repressive, corrupt, unpatriotic and nepotistic rule in Liberia.”

“Liberians are even though weary of war but shall not relent to defend their constitutional and political rights against anyone or family who feels that Liberia is their personal property,” Mr. Fallah is quoted as telling the journalists, adding, “There will never be a Sirleaf hegemony or any other name hegemony to the presidency in Liberia.”

He said the days for the Sirleaf leadership are slowly coming to an end, and “that final day is the second Tuesday in January of 2018, when they will take a leave of leadership, and a new breed of sound, devoted and dedicated Liberians will take their country from the hands of oppressors.”

Mr. Fallah, who holds several graduate and undergraduate degrees from prestigious Universities in the United States, cautioned those who are currently employed by the Liberian people to serve the interest of the country; and do away with those things that have the penchant to make them corrupt and human rights abusers, noting that the days of accountability and the end of impunity are insight.

To the senators-elect, Mr. Fallah warned them against taking their election to the upper house for granted, emphasizing that their election to the national legislature comes with the mandate to ensure that the natural resources of Liberia are used to benefit every Liberian and not just a few.

He also called on the senators to ensure that all natural resources agreements entered into by the Sirleaf government be reviewed to ensure that the interest of the country and its people are taken into consideration, wondering “why in the land of plenty, should the citizens continue to suffer.”

On the Ebola outbreak in his native country, Mr. Fallah, a supervisor within the Financial Analysis and Accounting Department of Minnesota largest county government, Hennepin, expressed his deepest condolences to families of his countrymen and foreign nationals who lost their lives as a result of the deadly virus.

He said the virus exposed the Sirleaf government’s lackadaisical attitude towards the welfare of the Liberian people, pointing out, “lives lost will not go in vein. Authorities who are responsible for the massive outbreak will be made to answer soon for their careless and un-nationalistic attitudes”.

Mr. Fallah assured his fellow countrymen that there are true patriotic and nationalistic Liberians in the making and they should not worry about good leadership comes 2017. “There are Liberians who have traveled and learned abroad and have seen what good and better leadership can do for people and nation. Those values that those Liberians have learned shall be exhibited in every sphere of leadership come 2017”.

Mr. Fallah noted that those who continue to subject “our people to abject poverty and dehumanizing conditions must know that one day, they will be made to account for their misdeeds through a court of competent jurisdiction”.

The former Junior Official of the Finance Ministry further reminded corrupt government officials that those gigantic homes and accounts they have at home and abroad that may have been illegally accrued on the backs of the suffering Liberian people should keep in mind that they will be made to account and show how those wealth were acquired, pointing out that , “You will not tell us that you created a dry rice business that daily revenue was $10.00 USD, but was able to build a home that cost between $300,000-$1,500,000 USD and with over $200,000 USD in your personal accounts. There will be a complete none interference forensic audit of every level of government comes 2017”.

Mr. Fallah used the occasion to express his personal gratitude to countries and agencies as well as individuals that came to the aid of West African nations in their times of needs (Ebola outbreak), and called on the donor community to hold accountable leaders of recipient countries personally responsible for the abuse thereof.

When asked if he will be a candidate in the 2017 Presidential election in Liberia, as many Liberians anticipate him to be, given his qualification, Mr. Fallah was philosophical in his response saying, “ I am not only good and qualify but also very competent to occupy any position in Liberia”.