Former Minister Proposes Border Closure To Contain Ebola…Warns Against Complacency

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Former Lands, Mines & Energy Minister, Jonathan Mason, has proposed the closure of Liberia’s borders with neighboring countries as a means of containing the deadly Ebola virus.

Mr. Mason has also blasted at Liberians for being complacent and careless in fighting the Ebola epidemic. He said Liberia has porous borders with neighboring countries coupled with cross-border activities thus, contributing to the spread of the virus.

He wants government to temporarily close its borders to enable health authorities contain further spread of the Ebola menace. Mason the fight against the virus can only be effect if those traditional health measures are continually followed.

He continued that Liberia has made significant gains in the fight against the deadly virus in recent times but the virus has resurfaced, mainly in Grand Cape Mount, Nimba and Montserrado Counties.

He proposed the erection of testing centers along the borders to know the status of those entering and leaving the country.

This latest situation has claimed the attention of prominent citizens including Mr. Mason, a Presidential candidate in the 2011 Presidential and General Elections. In an exclusive interview, Mason called on Liberians to avoid the act of complacency as the Ebola is still active in the country.

“Let us stop the clubbing, avoid entertainment centers and continuously follow the preventive health measures as prescribed by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare,” the political leader of the Union of Liberian Democratic said.

“Our young people have forgotten so soon the damage caused by Ebola in our country, but let us remember that the past will judge the future. If we survive we will live tomorrow,” Mason pointed out.

The former Land, Mines & Energy Minister wants government consider the possibility of closing the borders to avoid the resurfacing of the Ebola virus in the country.

Commenting on the just-ended Special Senatorial Election, Mr. Mason lauded the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the free, fair and transparent manner in which the Commission conducted the election something which he said proves that the democratic process is taking root in the country.

He called on losers in the Senatorial Election to gracefully accept the results and learn from mistakes that were made in the past and move forward. He added that some of the contestants lost because apparently they did not meet the basic needs of the citizens.