‘I Remain A Formidable Force In Bassa’-Findley Asserts

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Defeated Grand Bassa County Senator, Gbehnzohngar Findley says he remains a formidable political force in Grand Bassa County and Liberia at large.

Speaking to thousands of supporters, well wishers as well as sympathizers in the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County on Sunday, Sen. Findley who is also President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate said he has no regret in losing the just-ended Special Senatorial Election to Liberty party candidate, Jonathan Kaipay.

The Grand Bassa County lawmaker said the county belongs to all Bassonians and as such, every citizen of the county has stake in Bassa. He added that Liberia has come a long way with unprecedented historic marks of underdevelopment where poverty and illiteracy dominate.

“Our national challenge has not only affected our country’s progress, but has also affected the human resource advancement with millions of young people’s future lagging behind,” the outgoing Senator told his supporters who trooped at his newly constructed residence in Buchanan.

Senator Findley reaffirmed his commitment to the human resource development of the county and the country. He added, “The need to see the transformation of Grand Bassa County cannot be overemphasized.”

Sen. Findley assured Bassonians that he will continue all of his ongoing projects and new ones in the county. “Our desire to see Grand Bassa County second to none is no secret,” Findley said amidst cheering from his thousands of supporters.

The outgoing lawmaker emphasized that what Grand Bassa needs now is infrastructural development, socio-economic development, promotion of peace and reconciliation something he said requires courageous and vision-bearing leaders.

“Bassa is at a cross-road, a path that would wither further the advancement of the county or take us nine years backward, something we all must fight together and say no to. We say to all those who seek for a one party county to now come and do for our people. We challenge you to come and build the roads, schools, hospitals, provide scholarships, micro-loans, employment opportunities to those who seek to better their lives,” Pro-tempore Findley intimated.

“We remain a force to reckon with in Grand Bassa County politics adding that the election in Grand Bassa has given him a new vigor and courage to look far ahead and beyond the peddle-scope of just Grand Bassa County politics.

The ceremony was organized by Sen. Findley to appreciate the over 10,000 supporters who voted for him and others who did not vote for him in the Special Senatorial Election.

Some of his dire-hard supporters were seen weeping when Sen. Findley arrived, while others were shifting blames on some of those present at the occasion describing them as betrayers, spies, and deceptive individuals who wished to see the lawmaker’s downfall.