Thanking The Defeated Candidates

THE NATIONAL ELECTIONS Commission yesterday announced the final result of the just ended Special Senatorial Election with a disappointing turnout of a little over twenty-five percent of the total number of eligible voters of 1.9 million persons. The Commission said that number represents 479, 936 of the total of registered voters in the country.

MEANWHILE, THE COMMISSION announced that certification of the winners in the just ended election that the ceremony will be held on Saturday, January 3, 2015 in the James Fromayan Conference Hall and reminded all candidates that in keeping with the Campaign Finance Regulation, they are required to submit their campaign finance report to the Commission within 15 days following the announcement.

THE NEC RECOGNIZES that all political parties are not only stakeholders but their cooperation is crucial to the peaceful conduct of the election and therefore thanked all political parties and independent candidates for the level of understanding, maturity and tolerance exhibited during the challenging stages of the electoral process.

WE ALSO WANT to borrow the words of the Commission in telling all the candidates how we truly appreciate their positive action during the voting process and that indeed, they have laid a foundation upon which our young democracy will be consolidated and we wish to specifically congratulate the defeated candidates for their willingness to contest because without them there would have been no competition and testing of our democracy.

EVEN THOUGH OTHERS were complaining about the results being marred by cheating or electoral malpractices, the NEC has completed the tallying process in all 15 counties making it clear that 10 new candidates are now certain to take over as Senators. We are getting information from other counties that some defeated candidates are also following the example of Mr. Robert Sirleaf who has since congratulated his opponent, George Weah who emerged victorious in the Montserrado Senatorial race.

WE ARE THEREFORE urging all other defeated candidates to do likewise by conceding defeat including Bomi County as we use this occasion to thank the defeated candidates for the level of maturity and responsiveness being exhibited by them following the conduct of the Special Senatorial Election.

OUR THANKS GO especially to Mr. Sirleaf who publicly conceded defeat as well as Ben Sanvee, all of Montserrado County and further congratulate the winner of the Montserrado senatorial seat; this is a sign of maturity and quality of an envisaged good leadership.

LET SUCH TREND continue in our democratic process if Liberia is to be considered as a nation that is promoting the democratic process among other nations of the world. On the other hand, we encourage those who have qualm with the results of the election to do the appropriate thing by making use of the legal process instead of taking the path of violence in addressing their grievances.

WE KNOW THAT in elections not everyone will be satisfied with the results especially so when the race is highly contested but in all fairness let those who are aggrieved channel their dissatisfaction through the National Elections Commission (NEC) or the court which is the final arbiter of justice in the country.

AS THE ELECTION has ended peacefully in Liberia; we are all eagerly awaiting the induction of the new senators and say well done to the incumbents, Senators Jewel Howard Taylor and Prince Y. Johnson as well as former Representative, Francis Paye who we are sure that it was by your good representation that your people saw it fit to maintain you in the National Legislature.

WE HOPE THAT you will do more as you have been given the mantle for the next nine years to decide our faith in making good laws and exhibit mature attitudes. CONGRATS, OUR SENATORS!