Improved LEC Power Supply To Monrovia Soon

Maintenance work has begun on the Liberia Electricity Corporation, LEC power supply generators which provide electricity for residents of Monrovia and its environs.

The work began on Monday after spare parts for several generators which broke down at the height of the Ebola crisis arrived over the weekend to boost LEC’s power generation capacity.

A release quotes the LEC management as saying that their engineers and technicians are working aggressively to ensure the restoration of improved power supply in a reasonable time.

The LEC is commending the public for its continued understanding of the company’s challenges and is calling on them to exercise patience as the company is doing everything possible to ensure that customers receive improved electricity supply.

The recent load shedding has been attributed to the breakdown of 11 of the 22 Mega Watts of the high speed generators which were installed between 2006 and 2010. The generators have outlived their life span as they were only meant to be used for up to five years after the civil war.

The LEC management however, noted that the solution to the energy needs of Liberia rests in the completion of the three Heavy Fuel Oil plants totaling 38 Megawatts of power, the Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant as well as other rural projects such as the Cross Border, Transco CLSG and WAPP among others will provide sustainable electricity to the people of Liberia.

Construction works on these projects were suspended indefinitely in late July after engineers and expatriates left the country due to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.

The first 10 Megawatts HFO being constructed through a friendship grant from the Japanese government was due to have been commissioned on December 15 this year. But the project came to standstill in July during the installation of the engines when the deadly Ebola virus broke out.